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Many of my images are routinely prepared for clients as triptychs (3-panel presentation) and quadtychs (4-panel presenation). If you are interested in seeing what an image would look like in panels in your space, contact me and I will explain how we will do this in a virtual fitting mode.
"Lake Superior Canvas" VF triptych"Emerald Forest" as VF triptych"Monet's Blueberry Fields" VF triptych"Shipwreck" VF triptych"Intimate Autumn" VF triptych of framed images"Punchbowl Falls VF as triptych"Indiana Autumn" as triptych."Shipwreck" VF triptych"Lake Superior Canvas" VF Triptych"Blueberry Fields" VF triptych"Intimate Autumn" triptych"End of the Day" quadtych"Sheltering Arms" triptych"Monument Valley 2" quadtych"Cattail Sunset 1" triptych"Water's Journey" triptych of three images'Lake Superior Canvas" triptych weighted center"Messengers of Spring", triptych"Monet's Blueberry Fields" quadtych"Recovery" triptych of closeup images from area in UP of Michigan recovering from a forest fire